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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hammered Flowers

This is the perfect summer craft, even for those of you that may not be especially craft inclined, like myself.   And it's fun for any age!

You'll need:

 (My husband just pulled apart a box.)

Thick Watercolor Paper 
 (That's probably not the technical term.)

Masking Tape 
 (The wider the better.  We only had thin.)

A Hammer
(or two)


First, send everyone on a flower hunt!  If you don't have flowers, leaves work just as well, even weeds!

Next, tape the corners of a sheet of paper to a piece of cardboard.   Place flowers face down on paper and completely cover with tape.  Now hammer away!

Here's a picture of my Mom helping Mase.  We forgot to tape the paper down this time, but it's much safer for your digits if you remember this step.  Some kids may get a little crazy with the hammer.

Finally, carefully pull off the tape and behold your beautiful creation. 
Some flowers will work better than others.
We didn't get so creative, but you could even make an eye-catching design out of the flowers. 

My mom learned to make hammered flowers from a man, who learned to make hammered flowers from a man, who makes and sells his hammered flowers for a living.  Our masterpieces are not for sale, as my daughter decided to decorate our aphid-infested plum tree with them. 

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Appreciating my lovely artwork.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Anniversary Present

Last July, life was busy!  My husband and I completely forgot our anniversary, until my Mom called, "Happy anniversary!"

This year my husband decided to make it memorable.  He found discounted paragliding tickets.  My parents would even be passing through town to watch the kids.

This wouldn't be my first time flying.  I'm actually quite experienced in the world of aviation.

While my friends were all having high school graduation parties, my parents took me skydiving instead.

We went static line, which means I wasn't strapped to anyone, but my shoot would be pulled open by the plane, just a few seconds after I fell.

I was excited, but terrified!  I'd never even been in a plane before!

The worst part--you couldn't just jump out of the plane.  That would be too easy!  Instead you had to pull this Indiana Jones type maneuver and walk out onto the plane's wing, while it was in the air!  Then jump! 

My parents were kind enough to let me go first.   There were some bars to hold onto, but after only a few steps, I couldn't hold on!  The wind blasted me off the wing.  I was completely disoriented for a few seconds.  The chute thankfully opened.


It was so beautiful and calm as I made the lengthy float down.  Truly a phenomenal experience...until I semi-crash landed and got tangled up in a cornfield.

After college,  I wanted to try bungee jumping.  Skydiving was so fun.  I thought this would be easy in comparison.  I jumped with confidence...until I starting falling!

I wanted down!  But I was stuck!  Up and down again and again...and again.   It was terrible and seemingly endless!   I could barely walk afterwards, my legs were shaking so badly.  I will NEVER go bungee jumping again.

So, back to paragliding.  I wasn't sure.  This time I was strapped to someone.   Not the most romantic anniversary as that someone wasn't my husband, but I was grateful he seemed to know what he was doing.

 There wasn't much wind, so my instructor told me I had to start running down the cliff! 

 The running was scary, but the flying...awesome!

My husband had gone first and nearly had a hang glider crash into him after he landed.  My landing was not so eventful.  I was just happy to not be tangled up in a corn field. 

Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating my groundedness, but hopeful to go flying again. 

I'm adding this several days after I posted, because my parents just reminded me of a detail I forgot:   On our skydiving adventure, one of the men that jumped immediately before us had a small mishap.  His para-shoot didn't open!  Luckily, his much smaller back-up shoot saved him, though he came down quickly and semi-crashed into a muddy field about a mile away from his target.

And I'd like to amend my goal: Forever appreciating my groundedness.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Warning: Don't Leave Anything!

I know I probably shouldn't share this story.  It makes me look bad, but I think you're all better off knowing. 
I can't be trusted!

My husband's childhood friend, Troy, was passing through town with his family and crashed at our house for the night.

A few days later, I noticed something in our basement. 

A blanket.

It was a little ratty.  Possibly a treasured baby blanket, but they didn't call looking for it.  Maybe it wasn't even theirs.  I was lazy.  I just didn't feel like mailing that blanket.  So, I didn't.

A couple weeks later we got something in the mail.   A small package from Troy's wife.  Inside was the tiniest barbie doll shirt.  They had accidentally taken it and wanted to return it.  Are you kidding me!?!  Who takes the time to mail a barbie shirt?

We surely wouldn't have missed that barbie shirt, but I guess that's what good people do.  Return things.

You'd think I would have finally mailed that blanket, right?  Only I didn't.  I intended to, but I kept procrastinating.   Then, I was sure they'd be coming back through town...anytime. 

It's been about three years now.  We never used the blanket--too much guilt. 

FINALLY, my husband and his friend were both visiting Boise at the same time this past weekend.  I wrote myself about five notes so I wouldn't forget it.  Sure, Troy's kids are practically grown and probably don't want the blanket anymore, but I was ready to be rid of my guilt.

I approached the wife with the blanket.  And a bonus, one of my children had smeared chocolate on it in the car.

She was gracious and laughed about it.  Yes, they're good people.   Though I'm not so sure they'll be visiting again.

Now I just need to take back this spoon.

My husband accidentally took it home from a Christmas church potluck in 2009.   It's a great spoon, but I don't use it either.  I just keep forgetting to take it to church.  I mean there have only been about 79 Sundays.

So, if you ever stop by and visit me, I'm warning you now.  Please don't leave anything!  Though, we may still snatch it from you at a potluck, while you're not watching.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Week:  Return the spoon!

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Monday, July 25, 2011


We had an eventful few days.  My family traveled to the happenin' metropolis of Boise, Idaho for my husband's 20th high school reunion.  I even got a very discounted rate at a nice hotel.  It was much fancier than the Motel 6-like hotel we usually end up at.

The festivities were, as you would expect, immensely exciting.

BUT, I don't have time for that now.  I have something far more important to discuss.

I need to make:

My Official Apology to the Hotel Staff
and a Few Other Randomly Impacted People

First, I'm truly sorry...for the teeth marks on the Do Not Disturb sign.  It was just too enticing.

Also, really sorry...despite your efforts to be green as you stated in numerous signs all over my hotel room, my one-year-old, Dax, had different plans.   He had this uncontrollable urge to keep turning on the bathtub water.
And, due to the lack of a bathroom door lock, the water pretty much flowed...the entire trip!

Extra sorry...I exaggerated a little in the previous apology.  Dax wasn't playing with the tub faucet the entire trip.  He took a few breaks to press buttons on the phone! 
A big apology to the front desk who received a call from my button-happy dude.   It took me a good twenty minutes to figure out I could just disconnect the darn thing! 

I'm so sorry...we abused our thermostat privileges. 
 Up and down.  Up and down.  It was a constant battle between my husband and myself.  Luckily, we had some cozy nights, as my side of the bed was closest to the controls.  Not that I planned for that to happen.

I apologize...for the footprints on the bedding.  I'm sure they'll wash out.   

My deepest regrets...maybe the air vent was broken before we arrived, but it doesn't stay shut anymore.

Big mistake...graham crackers.

Sincerely sorry...this one is for our hotel room neighbors.   Our seven-year-old daughter, Dani, decided to start her career as a pop singer early Sunday morning.   

 Thankfully,  the hotel did provide us with one secret weapon that abruptly ended her singing practice. The Disney Channel.  More specifically Phineas and Ferb.  She quickly morphed into a quiet vegetative state.

And as an extra big thank you to the hotel staff, I've accidentally kindly left you my very favorite pillow.  Please don't throw it out cherish it forever.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Be grateful we are home, where the neighbors are not so close and everything is already damaged.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

The ULTIMATE Tantrum!

Some days I feel outmatched as a mom.  My one-year-old, Dax, has always had a knack for tantrums, but the past couple of weeks he's really stepped up his game.

Here are a few sources of his latest angry tirades.

"Daaaa!"  (Daddy! Don't leave me!)
"Ahhhhhrrr!" (Don't shut fridge door!)
"Ooww!"  (Must go outside!)
"Ck! Ck!" (I want snack!)
"Ck! Ck!" (Give me drink!)
"Ck! Ck!" (Want milk!  No water!)
"Ahhh ga!!!" (Orange juice!!!  No milk!!!)

Then there was the ULTIMATE tantrum this week.  

We have a ceiling projector set up in our basement.  My kids had just finished watching a cartoon and Dax had the remote!   For fear of losing the remote forever, (as we have before) I confiscated the remote.   And it began.

Dax was mad!   I was standing up and he started ramming into my leg, also pinching me!  Ouch!

I attempted to ignore him and reached up to turn off the ceiling projector.  And, this is the honest truth.  A can of V-8 fruit juice fell from the sky and landed on my already screaming boy's head! (Please see footnote for falling juice explanation.)

Have you ever seen an already angry toddler get hit in the head?  He thought I did it on purpose!  I tried to cuddle my injured man, but he wanted nothing to do with that.  Now he was really mad.  For the next five minutes, Dax kept running and screaming.  Then he would purposely fall into a crying roll on the floor.  Again and again.

I decided to sit down and observe.  This backfired.  Crying, angry toddler came right at me and rammed his head into my knee!  My mommy heart just went out to my crazy injured dude.  He crumpled in my lap for just a minute.  I carried him upstairs.

But he didn't truly want cuddles.  Dax was just revamping.  As soon as we sat down, the guy took off!  He continued his screaming run and roll maneuver for another ten minutes!  I'm not sure he even knew why at this point.

Finally, my toddler wore himself out.  Dax got up, with tears still in his eyes, and headed to the kitchen.  He found a few goldfish crackers on a bench.

After his munching, my tired little boy came over and gave me the sweetest cuddles.  My favorite thing!  We sang "Twinkle Twinkle."  His favorite thing!  He was smiling and giggling...until the next tantrum.

I LOVE being a mom. 

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Beware of falling juice.

Footnote: I called my husband and inquired, "Did you happen to put a can of juice on top of the projector?"

"No.  Why would I...oh wait.  Ya I did.  I was trying to get the projector to go lower."

"Huh.  Nice to know."

Extra Footnote:  The pictures are not from the ultimate tantrum.  They are from this morning.  He was mad because I wouldn't let him teeter around on the top edge of the bathroom tub.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tales of my TV News Journey: Part 3 of 3

Hitting the Big Time!

I loved working at a ski resort!   Free skiing!  And!  As I was physically working in the cold all day, I could eat massive amounts of food, while my extra pounds just melted off.  I also saw Tony Danza skiing once.  I know your jealous.

Still, I kept applying for broadcasting jobs.  Then it happened!   I got a position as a morning and noon news anchor!!!  It was in small-time Idaho Falls, but I wasn't going to be picky.

My new boss told me, "See this large box.  It's filled with resume tapes of people who want this job.  (It was.) There are many more experienced people applying for this job.  You are not qualified for this position, but, I had a good feeling about you." No pressure.

Still, for someone who used to be terrified!!! of public speaking this was truly scary.  I did do some anchoring in college (also scary), but that  Now, this was REAL.

I was given a makeover.  They cut my hair and gave me a lovely football helmet look.  Then, they had the nerve to pluck my enormous eyebrows.   Since my salary was so meager (less than the ski resort) they also gave me an itty-bitty clothing allowance, which I never used.

The coloring in this photo didn't transfer well, but here I am, sporting a lovely news anchor vampire look.

Surprisingly, on camera I wasn't nervous.  It seemed like I was only talking to a camera and a few people in the studio, rather than the ten people who were actually watching.

I had always thought it would be so fun to get recognized and it began, almost as soon as I started.  I would be at the bank, the store, walking down the street, and people would come up to me, sometimes even saying nice things.  Exciting right?  Only it wasn't.   I felt awkward.

At the news station I was in my comfort zone.  I befriended all of the people I was working with.  My co-anchor was like a big teasing brother.

And, I thought I was doing a decent job.  I also often ended up helping to produce the show, as my producer, who I adored, had a bit of a drug problem.  Our minuscule ratings were even up!

One night,  there was a highly unusual weather situation in Idaho Falls.  A bad storm hit and caused some damage, maybe from a micro-burst.  I can't remember.  It was a big story for the local news!  My power went out and I had no idea about any damage.  I went to bed early so I could still get up at my normal 2 am hour.  

When I went into work, my producer hadn't made it to work again.  I would be producing and anchoring for the day.

The news director came in later and started just yelling at me.  "Why didn't you come in!  No one came in!  Didn't you know we needed help covering stories last night!"  I should have said, "My power was out.  I didn't know what happened.  You should have called me."

BUT, I wasn't so skilled at confrontations back then.  I took the berating and didn't say a word.  I would like to shake my old self.  "Stand up for yourself!"  But I digress.

Except for that day, I really had a blast in my news job, but it wasn't to last.  After about six months, I was blindsided!

New management took over our parent company and I was called in to meet with them.  They were changing things up, getting rid of people--including me!  There was a six month out in my contract, so I didn't technically get fired, but really, I did.

My co-anchor would be leaving too.  His contract was up in just a couple of months and they weren't renewing.   My occasionally high producer kept her job.

 Their supposed reasoning behind the decision was very lengthy and confusing.  It had to do with a competing station. They, of course, topped it off by mentioning the time I didn't come in during the storm.  Again, I said nothing!

 I admit, I did flub my words daily a bit, and there was also that day where I accidentally burst out laughing on-air...and couldn't stop, but they didn't bring it up.

I was later informally asked if I would like to move to weekend anchor or producer.  I preferred to leave. 

I was most upset because there weren't other job options for me near Idaho Falls.  I knew I would have to move, away from the guy I was dating. 

We were not a good match, but I was so attached.  I couldn't break it off while I lived there.  Thankfully, he wasn't ready to propose.

I moved back, to a different area of Salt Lake, and met my wonderfully sweet, handsome, and cheesy charming husband at a church activity just a couple days later.

Sure, he completely snubbed me at our first meeting and dated my best friend before me, but, that's a story for another day.

I'm so grateful I lost my anchor job.

Thus ended my TV news journey.  I went on to sell and write radio commercials, became a college recruiter, and now I have a most challenging, but rewarding career as a stay-at-home mom.

Some days I think my kids would like to fire me, but they are forever stuck.  Haha!

I know people don't get jobs and are fired from jobs and there isn't a seemingly good reason.  Life doesn't always take a turn out for the better, but I still can't discount the experiences I've had.   I am grateful for them.

Grateful Mom Goal:  Try to see the big picture.  

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tales of my TV News Journey: Part 2 of 3

 An Unforgettable Moment

After I dodged the tornado in August, I still couldn't find a broadcasting job!  I was broke, so I stayed in Salt Lake and finally got a job at a ski shop in nearby Park City, then took a lift operator position at Deer Valley ski resort.

I kept applying for on-camera news positions out of state, but also applied to be a news producer at a Boise, Idaho television station.  On-camera jobs were so competitive and I had to be realistic with my job expectations.

I drove up to Boise and did a lengthy interview with a woman who was in charge of hiring.   It went fabulously!

I knew I could do that job well.  I was confident and sure I was going to be a news producer and move to Boise.  Except, I didn't get the job.  Or, any other news job!  Arg!

So, in Salt Lake I remained.   My older brother and sister-in-law were living in Texas at the time, but they were visiting family a few hours away, near Idaho Falls.  My sister-in-law had gone through a miscarriage, but was now 22 weeks pregnant, with twins!

But there were some terrible complications while they were in Idaho. My sister-in-law was transferred down to a Salt Lake hospital.  On December 8th, my father's birthday, she lost her little boy, Corban, but gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Lisa Zoe.   Lisa weighed one pound.

I wish I could say I was a huge comfort and help to my brother and sister-in-law, but I wasn't.  Being young and not having any children of my own, I couldn't comprehend the depth of their pain.  I didn't know what to say or how to act.  Still, I got to hold my precious little niece in the palms of my hands and I will cherish that experience forever.  Lisa passed away December 18th, in my brother's arms.

I'm so grateful I didn't get that job.

Grateful Mom Goal:  Cherishing my little ones.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Tales of my TV News Journey: Part 1 of 3

Salt Lake City 1999

 A good blog friend emailed me this weekend, telling me she didn't get a job she had hoped for.  Uhg.  I was immediately reminded of three amazing job failures I've had.

The Tornado

I was a Broadcast Journalism graduate and in 1999 I was interning at a local TV station, KSL, in Salt Lake City.   I thought it was intimidating, but so fun to go out on stories.  I was always fascinated how the reporters would get recognized wherever we would go.

I worked hard.  I was even given two positions as a station Tour Guide and as a temporary Associate Producer while interning.  Then!  I was offered a full-time position as an Associate Producer.  Woo-hoo!  I was scheduled to fill out paperwork on August 11 at 1:00 pm

I might have been a little extra...I don't know the right word...uptight timely back then.  I would always go early to work and just hang out in my car, in the parking lot, for about fifteen minutes.  Traffic was so unpredictable and I was NEVER late.

The next day the woman who had given me the job was leaving to a different state.  She said not to worry--I had the job.  I only needed to fill out the paperwork.

The station manger called me into his office just after she left and said, in fact, "You do NOT have the job."   What!?!  I had, previously, told him that my goal was to work on camera, and he was looking for someone long-term.  I was crushed.

So, from 12:45 pm to 1:00 pm on August 11,  when I should have been sitting in the parking lot, waiting to fill out paper work, I was just chillin' in my apartment.  That's when it hit!

The tornado.

It struck from 12:45-12:55 pm, right through downtown Salt Lake, exactly where I would have been sitting in my car!   All of the car windows were blown out of the cars in that parking lot.  Eighty people were injured and a man died in the trade show tent that was adjacent to the parking lot.

I'm so grateful I didn't get that job.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day: Relax.  Being early is overrated.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Summer Education: Bugs and Batman

My children are always coming up with creative and fun ideas.  This summer, they have been especially busy, working to share their knowledge on some important matters.  I mean, I didn't know that...

While wasps like to crawl on your fingers (click for photo), bugs prefer to crawl on your face.

Also, did you know that if you're given a healthy snack of strawberries and blueberries, it will taste much much better if (while Mom's not looking) you add almost an entire tub of cool whip?

And, I never realized that Batman only likes to go boating in water that is mixed with eggs and flour. 

Finally, a lesson on gentleness, courtesy of my three-year-old.

"My butterfly died.  I just loved him so much."
"Sorry buddy.  What happened?  How did he die?"
"I squished him just like that!" Mase says as he pinches his thumb and forefinger together.

Grateful Mom Goal: Keep enjoying our educational summer.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Bluffing: I'm Coming Clean!

A few days ago, I had an unusual blog experience.   I was checking up on one of my earliest blog buddies.  I didn't know her well, but she has a cute site and had been expecting her first baby.

I noticed she already had her baby, in June.  I looked at her latest entry.  There were several anonymous comments.

They pointed out that her timeline didn't match up.  According to her previous posts, her baby should have been due in September of this year, but here was a full-term baby in June. 

There were more discrepancies, not just with her timeline, but with what she was writing.   After looking over some of her posts, I still want to be wrong, but it seems she didn't actually have a baby.  

I'm hoping there's some good explanation?  A miscarriage she was embarrassed about?  A secret adoption? Maybe she was an undercover blogging special agent!   OR, it could all have been a hoax?  She may not even be a she!  

A couple of you may know who I'm talking about.  I'd rather not mention her name or blog.

She hasn't deleted the questioning comments, nor has she refuted them.  So, I thought I would set the example and fess up to a few things of my own.

My Twelve Tiny Blog Bluffs
and Confessions

 **I'm adding this late because I saw some confusion, but you just need to click on the subjects (like Snapping) to find more information about a particular story.**

#1 Snapping 
   I may have said implied that I don't yell at my kids, only snap.  It's possible one of my recent snaps came out a bit like a yell, but only once...a day.  And since I'm talking about me, I'm planning to whiten my teeth soon, but I deceptively whitened them (using Picnic) for my blogging profile photo.
Evie's twenty-two rock babies are still very precious, but they are being completely neglected!

#3 Our Pet Snail 

My daughter's pet snail met it's doom in the dishwasher.  Today, I'm coming cleanish.  Maybe the snail cup had been sitting in the kitchen and I might have unintentionally dumped him in the dishwasher...but I can't be sure. 

I was going to stop listening to questionable lyrics around my kids.  That "Catch a Grenade" song came on the radio while I was driving with my children this week.  It's just so catchy!  I left it on.  Hopefully, we will still not have any more grenade ditty's on our way to church.

I admitted to eating an entire bag of Three Musketeers Marshmallows, BUT, I didn't actually finish off one bag of Halloween candy.  I finished off two.  The kids helped me (a little) with the second bag, so I didn't think that should count.

 You may already know, I used to have a real jail in my home.  My confession: some days I would like to have a jail again--to keep my rambunctious kids in!

After our big oil disaster, I haven't been so good at keeping the oil up high, like I professed I would.  We've had two more oil spills.  One of them, just this week! 
  He's still dressing backwards and most days I don't say anything.  I've decided to let this cute phase last into his teenage years.
  Despite my goal to appreciate the new scissored look of my couch, I'm NOT.
We are those neighbors again.  Our great beauty of a van has returned to reside in front of our house...and may never leave.  Though, my neighbors might.

This one isn't my fault!  I intended to throw away that terrible elk, but my husband wouldn't let me.  He insisted requested we save it, to help keep the freezer cold.  Years from now...when we move into the nursing home... I will have my grandkids finally toss that smelly elk!

I was going to get rid of my son's weapon also, but, much like the elk, it still stays with one is safe!

Ahhh...I feel much better getting that out.

Confessing about having a fictitious baby might be a bit more difficult, but I think freeing also.

I've been a little concerned since this whole blog incident happened, but I'm fairly certain most of my other blog friends are completely real...right?

Grumpy Mom Goal: No more songs about grenades.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Brawling Bear Cubs

 We went to Bear World last week.  There were these cubs just going at each other.  One cub was innocently hanging out, when the other cub decided to attack.  It was a brutal brawl.  Then, they hugged and made up.

I have my own cubs, otherwise know as Dani (7) and Evie (5).  OK, calling them cubs may be a stretch, but I didn't have a picture of squawking chickens!

They don't normally wrestle, but they have started going at each other, over the silliest things.  And, they are not so good at reconciling.  Yesterday morning's incomprehensible injustice?

"You're wearing my shorts!!!"

In my exasperated desperation I attempted a new strategy.  It was cruel.  I made them stay in their room (together!) until they made up, and encouraged them to clean up while they were there.  Hee hee.

I heard numerous shouts from Evie, "You are so mean!"

Then there was a well though out speech from Dani "You're just teaching me to send my children to their room for no good reason.  I'm going to do that and it will be your fault." 

It took a good thirty minutes of tears, but someone finally broke.  Evie asked if she could make a present for Dani, out of tin foil.  And then, they were best friends, at least for an hour.

Then, "Move away!  You're sitting too close!"

I wasn't expecting miracles.

Grumpy Mom Goal of the Day:  Appreciating my loving family. 

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Comment Thank Yous and Fixes

First, I wanted to say Thank You!  I don't do that enough.  I have loved getting to know some amazing blog friends this year.  I read and appreciate every non-spammish comment.

I use many of your tips and ideas.  Some of your comments have me laughing hysterically, especially when I read them late at night!  I was also so touched by the kindness shown from last month's post about fitting in.  Thank you.

I am more likely to spend my computer time visiting blogs rather than replying to comments, but I do try to reply to some and I will always answer questions.   Except, I can't!  About half of the time, when I try to reply, it says   I used to be one of those noreplyers too, until a friend pointed it out!  There's an simple fix.

#1.  From your Dashboard go into Edit Profile.
#2.  Check the box that says Show my email address.
#3.  Enter email address under Identity.
#4.  Save.

I am at least 65% sure this will work.  And if you prefer to not share your email address I suppose that's OK too. 

Wait.  There's more!  I've seen a small slew of people still blogging about comment trouble, especially with embedded comments like mine.   I've heard pop-up comments work better, except I'm stubborn.  I prefer the embedded ones on my blog.

I don't have a perfect fix, but try switching your browser.   When I use Internet Explorer I have huge comment leaving woes.  When I switch to Firefox, I can comment again, though now everyone's followers are missing.  Ba! 

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Week: Looking into switching my comment system.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

You May NOT Want to be a Mormon

You may or may not know I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We're also known as Mormons or LDS.  I'm not so social these days, but I've had friends who are Catholic, Baptist, Born-Again, Muslim, Atheist, everything.  If someone asks me, I will always talk to them about something I feel so strongly about.  But, I love to hear about and respect what other people believe too.

Today I thought I'd switch things up a bit.  Let everyone know some interesting morsels about us Mormons.

I present:
Seven Reasons Why You May 
Want to be a Mormon

We don't drink coffee, at all!  I've never had a sip, but some mornings I could use my coffee.   And, about half of us don't even drink caffeinated pop.  The other half of us are addicted to Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew.

We love dessert!  I've heard that Utah has the highest per-capita jello consumption rate.  It's possible that your thighs would automatically become larger if you joined the Mormon church.

We all have jobs, church jobs, and we don't get paid!  Even the bishop is a volunteer. Usually my job switches every couple of years.  Currently, I am the Compassionate Service Leader.   Which means I help set up meals for people in our neighborhood who are sick or need a little help.   There have been times when I have not felt so compassionate.  One more thing to feel guilty about!

We're not so cool like Big Love or Sister Wives.  We haven't practiced polygamy since 1890!   I give a collective sigh of relief for that.  Though,  if I were to have a sister wife, I would make sure to find one who likes to clean.

Our really famous Mormons list is...interesting, but a little short.  Here are a few: Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, Stephanie Meyer, Gladys Knight, Jimmer Fredette, and my personal favorite, Ricky Schroeder.   Also, my daughter, Dani, would like to add that she's famous.  She was in the school talent show last week.

We have church for 3 hours on Sunday!

Families are sealed for eternity in the Mormon church.  Forever!  This is a wonderful thing, so long as you like your husband and kids.  If you feel you need a break at the end of this life, then the Mormon church may not be for you.

So, I know I'm not signing up any recruits today.   I saw a poll that said 25% of the population would never vote for a Mormon as President.  I'm not sure if the same goes for blog following, but if you'd now like to unfollow me, I will miss you.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Cut back on the jello.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Toothless Windfall!

My five-year-old, Evie, was an early teether.  She got her first tooth at only three months.  That was painful...for me!  When she was four, she lost two teeth in just a few days.  

But now Evie has outdone herself.  This past Saturday, she lost a tooth.  Then, on Sunday, another tooth popped out.  There was a dramatic episode that followed tooth #2.  She dropped her pearly white under a picnic table!

Tears ensued, but the tooth was found!

After the search and rescue, I demanded possession of the tooth for safe keeping; I wasn't going through missing tooth drama again.  Except...I accidentally...misplaced the tooth.

Temporary panic set in.  Thankfully, the tooth fairy had not thrown away the (very similar looking) tooth from the night before.

Then!  On Monday, Evie had another tooth just barely hanging on.  I thought she was going to loose three teeth in three days, but that tooth would not give up.

I don't have it in me to yank.  I tried it once with my older daughter.  She screamed in pain and the tooth didn't come out. 

Last night, my (also reluctant yanker) husband finally pulled out Evie's sorry hanging tooth.  Our tooth fairy is cheap, but Evie has still accumulated quite an exciting stash: one pack of gum, one container tic-tacs, $1.50, and three extra-special tooth fairy notes.

And, she's still got two more loose teeth to go!

My three-year-old, Mase, doesn't quite understand.  He's been trying to wiggle his teeth out.  No luck yet.

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal of the Day:  Taking a short tooth fairy break.  She is burnt out.

August 9, 2011 - I had to update this.  Evie has now lost three more teeth!  That's six teeth total in just a little over a month.  I'm claiming the world record.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Forced Family Fun

This past weekend, we made a (car sick-filled) journey and met up with my parents in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I felt uncontrollably compelled to make my family attend a wild west shootout.  I wanted to create some memorable moments for my kids.

The crowd was told they must, "Stay behind the rope!"  My seven-year-old, Dani, couldn't resist moving the rope and even sneaking in front of the rope.  

The loud and deadly shootout began.

 Dani no longer wanted to be in front of that rope.  She kept scooting further and further back. 

And, I'm not sure my three-year-old, Mase, understood what was going on.  I may have forgotten to tell him this was NOT real.

Afterwards, my kids got to meet one of the formerly dead people.  Hopefully, that cleared everything up.  As we walked back to our hotel, Dani inquired,  "How much would a gun cost?  I have to get one of those."  I think this will be our last shootout.
  The next day was less violent.  The Teton mountains by Jackson are breathtaking.

We went on a lovely mosquito infested hike.  I made everyone stop to get a family picture so we could remember this fun experience.  Apparently, some of us had more fun than others.

After our big hike, I wanted to eat at one of my favorite local restaurants.  I told all my kids they would be getting the yummy salad bar, but I had a rebel.  Mase didn't want a salad bar.  "No, I want chocolate bar."

Grumpy Grateful Mom Goal:  Having a violence-free chocolate-filled week.